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03 May 2022
Regular paper |  | 03 May 2022

Responses of intermediate layers to geomagnetic activity during the 2009 deep solar minimum over the Brazilian low-latitude sector

Ângela M. Santos, Christiano G. M. Brum, Inez S. Batista, José H. A. Sobral, Mangalathayil A. Abdu, and Jonas R. Souza

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Semimonthly oscillation observed in the start times of equatorial plasma bubbles
Igo Paulino, Ana Roberta Paulino, Ricardo Y. C. Cueva, Ebenezer Agyei-Yeboah, Ricardo Arlen Buriti, Hisao Takahashi, Cristiano Max Wrasse, Ângela M. Santos, Amauri Fragoso de Medeiros, and Inez S. Batista
Ann. Geophys., 38, 437–443,,, 2020
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Climatology of intermediate descending layers (or 150 km echoes) over the equatorial and low-latitude regions of Brazil during the deep solar minimum of 2009
Ângela Machado dos Santos, Inez Staciarini Batista, Mangalathayil Ali Abdu, José Humberto Andrade Sobral, Jonas Rodrigues de Souza, and Christiano Garnett Marques Brum
Ann. Geophys., 37, 1005–1024,,, 2019
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Impact of disturbance electric fields in the evening on prereversal vertical drift and spread F developments in the equatorial ionosphere
Mangalathayil A. Abdu, Paulo A. B. Nogueira, Angela M. Santos, Jonas R. de Souza, Inez S. Batista, and Jose H. A. Sobral
Ann. Geophys., 36, 609–620,,, 2018
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Unusual behavior of quiet-time zonal and vertical plasma drift velocities over Jicamarca during the recent extended solar minimum of 2008
Ângela M. Santos, Mangalathayil A. Abdu, Jonas R. Souza, Inez S. Batista, and José H. A. Sobral
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1219–1229,,, 2017
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Subject: Earth's ionosphere & aeronomy | Keywords: Ionosphere–magnetosphere interactions
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Ann. Geophys., 40, 619–639,,, 2022
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Revised manuscript accepted for ANGEO
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Using the Digisonde data this paper shows that the small variation in the geomagnetic activity during low solar activity can affect both the parameter of height and the frequency of the intermediate layer (ILs) over the low-latitude Brazilian sector. The most expressive responses of the ILs to geomagnetic activity were observed during the summer when the height of the ILs suffered a significant decrease with the increase of the magnetic activity magnetic in the first hours of the day.