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20 Apr 2020
Regular paper |  | 20 Apr 2020

Stratification observed by the in situ plasma density measurements from the Swarm satellites

Xiuying Wang, Wanli Cheng, Zihan Zhou, Dehe Yang, Jing Cui, and Feng Guo

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Comparison of CSES ionospheric RO data with COSMIC measurements
Xiuying Wang, Wanli Cheng, Zihan Zhou, Song Xu, Dehe Yang, and Jing Cui
Ann. Geophys., 37, 1025–1038,,, 2019
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Identifying a possible stratification phenomenon in ionospheric F2 layer using the data observed by the DEMETER satellite: method and results
Xiuying Wang, Dehe Yang, Dapeng Liu, and Wei Chu
Ann. Geophys., 37, 645–655,,, 2019
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To get the global distribution of the stratification phenomenon, the in situ plasma density measurements, obtained by the Swarm satellites orbiting at different altitudes above the F2 peak, are used to study this phenomenon. The continuous morphology of this phenomenon and its features along the latitudinal direction are obtained, and a new discovery from the in situ measurements is the stratification on southern mid-latitudes.