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13 Dec 2019
Regular paper |  | 13 Dec 2019

Investigation of the relationship between the spatial gradient of total electron content (TEC) between two nearby stations and the occurrence of ionospheric irregularities

Teshome Dugassa, John Bosco Habarulema, and Melessew Nigussie

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Evaluation of the NeQuick model performance under different geomagnetic conditions over South Africa during the ascending phase of the solar cycle (2009–2012)
Sylvain M. Ahoua, John Bosco Habarulema, Olivier K. Obrou, Pierre J. Cilliers, and Zacharie K. Zaka
Ann. Geophys., 36, 1161–1170,,, 2018
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Statistical analysis of the correlation between the equatorial electrojet and the occurrence of the equatorial ionisation anomaly over the East African sector
Patrick Mungufeni, John Bosco Habarulema, Yenca Migoya-Orué, and Edward Jurua
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Unexpected Southern Hemisphere ionospheric response to geomagnetic storm of 15 August 2015
Ilya Edemskiy, Jan Lastovicka, Dalia Buresova, John Bosco Habarulema, and Ivan Nepomnyashchikh
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New results on equatorial thermospheric winds and temperatures from Ethiopia, Africa
Fasil Tesema, Rafael Mesquita, John Meriwether, Baylie Damtie, Melessew Nigussie, Jonathan Makela, Daniel Fisher, Brian Harding, Endawoke Yizengaw, and Samuel Sanders
Ann. Geophys., 35, 333–344,,, 2017
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Daytime twin-peak structures observed at southern African and European middle latitudes on 8–13 April 2012
Zama T. Katamzi, John Bosco Habarulema, and Nigussie M. Giday
Ann. Geophys., 34, 581–590,,, 2016
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Subject: Earth's ionosphere & aeronomy | Keywords: Ionospheric irregularities
Temporal and altitudinal variability of the spread F observed by the VHF radar over Christmas Island
Ricardo Yvan de La Cruz Cueva, Eurico Rodrigues de Paula, and Acácio Cunha Neto
Ann. Geophys., 40, 563–570,,, 2022
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Effect of neutral winds on the creation of non-specular meteor trail echoes
Freddy Galindo, Julio Urbina, and Lars Dyrud
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Simultaneous ground-based and in situ Swarm observations of equatorial F-region irregularities over Jicamarca
Sharon Aol, Stephan Buchert, Edward Jurua, and Marco Milla
Ann. Geophys., 38, 1063–1080,,, 2020
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Occurrence climatology of equatorial plasma bubbles derived using FormoSat-3 ∕ COSMIC GPS radio occultation data
Ankur Kepkar, Christina Arras, Jens Wickert, Harald Schuh, Mahdi Alizadeh, and Lung-Chih Tsai
Ann. Geophys., 38, 611–623,,, 2020
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Localized total electron content enhancements in the Southern Hemisphere
Ilya K. Edemskiy
Ann. Geophys., 38, 591–601,,, 2020
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The relation between the occurrence of ionospheric irregularities and the spatial gradient of TEC derived from two closely located stations, located within the equatorial region over Ethiopia, was investigated. The relationship between σ(∆TEC/∆long) and ROTIave correlate linearly with correlation coefficients of C = 0.7975 and C = 0.7915 over ASAB and DEBK, respectively. In addition to latitudinal gradients, the longitudinal gradient of TEC has a significant contribution to the TEC fluctuations.