Vertical coupling in the atmosphere–ionosphere system
Vertical coupling in the atmosphere–ionosphere system
Editor(s): P. Koucka Knizova, E. Yiğit, C. Arras, K. Baumgarten, W. Ward, and C. Jacobi
The special issue "Vertical coupling in the atmosphere–ionosphere system" invites papers dealing with the investigation of the coupling phenomena in the neutral atmosphere–ionosphere system. It covers processes in the atmosphere–ionosphere system that significantly influence and/or govern the coupling within the regions. The coupling effects can be seen in the modulation of the waves from the lower to upper atmosphere as well as from low to high latitudes, electrodynamic and compositional changes, and plasma irregularities at different latitudinal regions around the globe due to the varying energy inputs. Solar activity represents an important factor that directly or indirectly modulates the coupling processes. The core of the special issue will be formed by the recent results presented during the 7th IAGA/ICMA/SCOSTEP Workshop on the Vertical Coupling in the Neutral Atmosphere-Ionosphere System held in Potsdam, Germany, in July 2018, and the special issue is open to further contributed papers as well. Topics include (1) ionospheric and thermospheric variability induced by the propagation, breaking, and modulation of atmospheric tides and planetary waves, (2) middle atmospheric effects of planetary waves, as well as their interannual variability, (3) ionospheric variations due to varying energy inputs from the Sun and from the lower atmosphere, (4) effects of solar eclipses, tropospheric storms and lightning, (5) chemical and dynamical changes observed in the MLT, and (6) upper atmospheric changes caused by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations and tropospheric climatological effects such as ENSO. Manuscripts on theoretical, modelling, and observation-based studies are solicited.

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13 May 2020
Occurrence climatology of equatorial plasma bubbles derived using FormoSat-3 ∕ COSMIC GPS radio occultation data
Ankur Kepkar, Christina Arras, Jens Wickert, Harald Schuh, Mahdi Alizadeh, and Lung-Chih Tsai
Ann. Geophys., 38, 611–623,,, 2020
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17 Jan 2020
Evidence of vertical coupling: meteorological storm Fabienne on 23 September 2018 and its related effects observed up to the ionosphere
Petra Koucká Knížová, Kateřina Podolská, Kateřina Potužníková, Daniel Kouba, Zbyšek Mošna, Josef Boška, and Michal Kozubek
Ann. Geophys., 38, 73–93,,, 2020
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13 Dec 2019
Investigation of the relationship between the spatial gradient of total electron content (TEC) between two nearby stations and the occurrence of ionospheric irregularities
Teshome Dugassa, John Bosco Habarulema, and Melessew Nigussie
Ann. Geophys., 37, 1161–1180,,, 2019
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10 Dec 2019
Long-term trends in the ionospheric response to solar extreme-ultraviolet variations
Rajesh Vaishnav, Christoph Jacobi, and Jens Berdermann
Ann. Geophys., 37, 1141–1159,,, 2019
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28 Nov 2019
Magnetic local time asymmetries in precipitating electron and proton populations with and without substorm activity
Olesya Yakovchuk and Jan Maik Wissing
Ann. Geophys., 37, 1063–1077,,, 2019
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18 Nov 2019
Estimating satellite and receiver differential code bias using a relative Global Positioning System network
Alaa A. Elghazouly, Mohamed I. Doma, and Ahmed A. Sedeek
Ann. Geophys., 37, 1039–1047,,, 2019
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17 Oct 2019
Impact of gravity wave drag on the thermospheric circulation: implementation of a nonlinear gravity wave parameterization in a whole-atmosphere model
Yasunobu Miyoshi and Erdal Yiğit
Ann. Geophys., 37, 955–969,,, 2019
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10 Oct 2019
Nonlinear forcing mechanisms of the migrating terdiurnal solar tide and their impact on the zonal mean circulation
Friederike Lilienthal and Christoph Jacobi
Ann. Geophys., 37, 943–953,,, 2019
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23 Aug 2019
Effects of solar flares on the ionosphere as shown by the dynamics of ionograms recorded in Europe and South Africa
Veronika Barta, Gabriella Sátori, Kitti Alexandra Berényi, Árpád Kis, and Earle Williams
Ann. Geophys., 37, 747–761,,, 2019
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18 Jul 2019
On the evaluation of the phase relation between temperature and wind tides based on ground-based measurements and reanalysis data in the middle atmosphere
Kathrin Baumgarten and Gunter Stober
Ann. Geophys., 37, 581–602,,, 2019
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03 Jul 2019
Effect of latitudinally displaced gravity wave forcing in the lower stratosphere on the polar vortex stability
Nadja Samtleben, Christoph Jacobi, Petr Pišoft, Petr Šácha, and Aleš Kuchař
Ann. Geophys., 37, 507–523,,, 2019
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25 Jun 2019
Propagation to the upper atmosphere of acoustic-gravity waves from atmospheric fronts in the Moscow region
Yuliya Kurdyaeva, Sergey Kulichkov, Sergey Kshevetskii, Olga Borchevkina, and Elena Golikova
Ann. Geophys., 37, 447–454,,, 2019
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06 May 2019
Quarterdiurnal signature in sporadic E occurrence rates and comparison with neutral wind shear
Christoph Jacobi, Christina Arras, Christoph Geißler, and Friederike Lilienthal
Ann. Geophys., 37, 273–288,,, 2019
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