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16 Sep 2020
Regular paper |  | 16 Sep 2020

Magnetic field fluctuation properties of coronal mass ejection-driven sheath regions in the near-Earth solar wind

Emilia K. J. Kilpua, Dominique Fontaine, Simon W. Good, Matti Ala-Lahti, Adnane Osmane, Erika Palmerio, Emiliya Yordanova, Clement Moissard, Lina Z. Hadid, and Miho Janvier

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Permutation Entropy and Complexity Analysis of Large-scale Solar Wind Structures and Streams
Emilia Katja Johanna Kilpua, Simon Good, Matti Ala-Lahti, Adnane Osmane, and Venla Koikkalainen
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Quantifying the non-linear dependence of energetic electron fluxes in the Earth's radiation belts with radial diffusion drivers
Adnane Osmane, Mikko Savola, Emilia Kilpua, Hannu Koskinen, Joseph E. Borovsky, and Milla Kalliokoski
Ann. Geophys., 40, 37–53,,, 2022
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Predictability of variable solar–terrestrial coupling
Ioannis A. Daglis, Loren C. Chang, Sergio Dasso, Nat Gopalswamy, Olga V. Khabarova, Emilia Kilpua, Ramon Lopez, Daniel Marsh, Katja Matthes, Dibyendu Nandy, Annika Seppälä, Kazuo Shiokawa, Rémi Thiéblemont, and Qiugang Zong
Ann. Geophys., 39, 1013–1035,,, 2021
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Ion distribution functions in magnetotail reconnection: global hybrid-Vlasov simulation results
Andrei Runov, Maxime Grandin, Minna Palmroth, Markus Battarbee, Urs Ganse, Heli Hietala, Sanni Hoilijoki, Emilia Kilpua, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Sergio Toledo-Redondo, Lucile Turc, and Drew Turner
Ann. Geophys., 39, 599–612,,, 2021
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Outer Van Allen belt trapped and precipitating electron flux responses to two interplanetary magnetic clouds of opposite polarity
Harriet George, Emilia Kilpua, Adnane Osmane, Timo Asikainen, Milla M. H. Kalliokoski, Craig J. Rodger, Stepan Dubyagin, and Minna Palmroth
Ann. Geophys., 38, 931–951,,, 2020
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This paper studies magnetic field fluctuations in three turbulent sheath regions ahead of interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMEs) in the near-Earth solar wind. Our results show that fluctuation properties vary significantly in different parts of the sheath when compared to solar wind ahead. Turbulence in sheaths resembles that of the slow solar wind in the terrestrial magnetosheath, e.g. regarding compressibility and intermittency, and it often lacks Kolmogorov's spectral indices.