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Regular paper
05 Jan 2017
Regular paper |  | 05 Jan 2017

Ground-based acoustic parametric generator impact on the atmosphere and ionosphere in an active experiment

Yuriy G. Rapoport, Oleg K. Cheremnykh, Volodymyr V. Koshovy, Mykola O. Melnik, Oleh L. Ivantyshyn, Roman T. Nogach, Yuriy A. Selivanov, Vladimir V. Grimalsky, Valentyn P. Mezentsev, Larysa M. Karataeva, Vasyl. M. Ivchenko, Gennadi P. Milinevsky, Viktor N. Fedun, and Eugen N. Tkachenko

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Model of the propagation of very low-frequency beams in the Earth–ionosphere waveguide: principles of the tensor impedance method in multi-layered gyrotropic waveguides
Yuriy Rapoport, Vladimir Grimalsky, Viktor Fedun, Oleksiy Agapitov, John Bonnell, Asen Grytsai, Gennadi Milinevsky, Alex Liashchuk, Alexander Rozhnoi, Maria Solovieva, and Andrey Gulin
Ann. Geophys., 38, 207–230,,, 2020
Short summary
Excitation of planetary electromagnetic waves in the inhomogeneous ionosphere
Yu. Rapoport, Yu. Selivanov, V. Ivchenko, V. Grimalsky, E. Tkachenko, A. Rozhnoi, and V. Fedun
Ann. Geophys., 32, 449–463,,, 2014
Short summary
Before many catastrophic phenomena such as earthquakes, sound is generated at a very low frequency. It is already established that it can disturb the upper layer of the atmosphere – the ionosphere. Control of disasters' precursors is important. Using the unique, powerful sound generator, whose loudness is comparable to an ascending jet, we have constructed the theory and conducted a series of experiments trying to model acoustic action of disasters on the ionosphere.