Articles | Volume 39, issue 3
ANGEO Communicates
09 Jun 2021
ANGEO Communicates |  | 09 Jun 2021

Whistler waves produced by monochromatic currents in the low nighttime ionosphere

Vera G. Mizonova and Peter A. Bespalov

Data sets

International reference ionosphere: 35 improvements and new parameters D. Bilitza and B. Reinisch

Short summary
The paper discusses the excitation of monochromatic ELF/VLF electromagnetic waves produced by HF heating facility currents in the nighttime ionosphere. The ground-based magnetic field is predominantly located under the source, and the wave has right-hand polarization typical for a whistler but left-hand polarization at large distances from the source. About half of the source energy propagates upward, and approximately 20 % propagates to the Earth–ionosphere waveguide.