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ANGEO Communicates
06 Aug 2019
ANGEO Communicates |  | 06 Aug 2019

Jets in the magnetosheath: IMF control of where they occur

Laura Vuorinen, Heli Hietala, and Ferdinand Plaschke

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Short Large-Amplitude Magnetic Structures (SLAMS) at Mercury observed by MESSENGER
Tomas Karlsson, Ferdinand Plaschke, Austin N. Glass, and Jim M. Raines
Ann. Geophys. Discuss.,,, 2023
Preprint under review for ANGEO
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The m-Dimensional Spatial Nyquist Limit Using the Wave Telescope for Larger Numbers of Spacecraft
Leonard Schulz, Karl-Heinz Glassmeier, Ferdinand Plaschke, Simon Toepfer, and Uwe Motschmann
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Venus's induced magnetosphere during active solar wind conditions at BepiColombo's Venus 1 flyby
Martin Volwerk, Beatriz Sánchez-Cano, Daniel Heyner, Sae Aizawa, Nicolas André, Ali Varsani, Johannes Mieth, Stefano Orsini, Wolfgang Baumjohann, David Fischer, Yoshifumi Futaana, Richard Harrison, Harald Jeszenszky, Iwai Kazumasa, Gunter Laky, Herbert Lichtenegger, Anna Milillo, Yoshizumi Miyoshi, Rumi Nakamura, Ferdinand Plaschke, Ingo Richter, Sebastián Rojas Mata, Yoshifumi Saito, Daniel Schmid, Daikou Shiota, and Cyril Simon Wedlund
Ann. Geophys., 39, 811–831,,, 2021
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Ion distribution functions in magnetotail reconnection: global hybrid-Vlasov simulation results
Andrei Runov, Maxime Grandin, Minna Palmroth, Markus Battarbee, Urs Ganse, Heli Hietala, Sanni Hoilijoki, Emilia Kilpua, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Sergio Toledo-Redondo, Lucile Turc, and Drew Turner
Ann. Geophys., 39, 599–612,,, 2021
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Magnetosheath plasma flow model around Mercury
Daniel Schmid, Yasuhito Narita, Ferdinand Plaschke, Martin Volwerk, Rumi Nakamura, and Wolfgang Baumjohann
Ann. Geophys., 39, 563–570,,, 2021
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Subject: Magnetosphere & space plasma physics | Keywords: Magnetosheath
Magnetosheath plasma flow model around Mercury
Daniel Schmid, Yasuhito Narita, Ferdinand Plaschke, Martin Volwerk, Rumi Nakamura, and Wolfgang Baumjohann
Ann. Geophys., 39, 563–570,,, 2021
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Magnetosheath jet evolution as a function of lifetime: global hybrid-Vlasov simulations compared to MMS observations
Minna Palmroth, Savvas Raptis, Jonas Suni, Tomas Karlsson, Lucile Turc, Andreas Johlander, Urs Ganse, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Xochitl Blanco-Cano, Mojtaba Akhavan-Tafti, Markus Battarbee, Maxime Dubart, Maxime Grandin, Vertti Tarvus, and Adnane Osmane
Ann. Geophys., 39, 289–308,,, 2021
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Asymmetries in the Earth's dayside magnetosheath: results from global hybrid-Vlasov simulations
Lucile Turc, Vertti Tarvus, Andrew P. Dimmock, Markus Battarbee, Urs Ganse, Andreas Johlander, Maxime Grandin, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Maxime Dubart, and Minna Palmroth
Ann. Geophys., 38, 1045–1062,,, 2020
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On the alignment of velocity and magnetic fields within magnetosheath jets
Ferdinand Plaschke, Maria Jernej, Heli Hietala, and Laura Vuorinen
Ann. Geophys., 38, 287–296,,, 2020
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Magnetosheath jet properties and evolution as determined by a global hybrid-Vlasov simulation
Minna Palmroth, Heli Hietala, Ferdinand Plaschke, Martin Archer, Tomas Karlsson, Xóchitl Blanco-Cano, David Sibeck, Primož Kajdič, Urs Ganse, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Markus Battarbee, and Lucile Turc
Ann. Geophys., 36, 1171–1182,,, 2018
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Before the solar wind encounters the Earth's magnetic field, it is first slowed down and deflected by the Earth's bow shock. We find that downstream of the bow shock regions where the shock normal and the solar wind magnetic field are almost parallel and the shock is more rippled, plasma jets with high earthward velocities are observed significantly more often than elsewhere downstream of the shock. Our results help us forecast the occurrence of these jets and their effects on Earth.