Articles | Volume 33, issue 11
Review paper
10 Nov 2015
Review paper |  | 10 Nov 2015

Defining and resolving current systems in geospace

N. Y. Ganushkina, M. W. Liemohn, S. Dubyagin, I. A. Daglis, I. Dandouras, D. L. De Zeeuw, Y. Ebihara, R. Ilie, R. Katus, M. Kubyshkina, S. E. Milan, S. Ohtani, N. Ostgaard, J. P. Reistad, P. Tenfjord, F. Toffoletto, S. Zaharia, and O. Amariutei

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Magnetospheric conditions near the equatorial footpoints of proton isotropy boundaries
V. A. Sergeev, I. A. Chernyaev, V. Angelopoulos, and N. Y. Ganushkina
Ann. Geophys., 33, 1485–1493,,, 2015
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Energy–latitude dispersion patterns near the isotropy boundaries of energetic protons
V. A. Sergeev, S. A. Chernyaeva, S. V. Apatenkov, N. Y. Ganushkina, and S. V. Dubyagin
Ann. Geophys., 33, 1059–1070,,, 2015
Short summary
Short summary
A number of current systems exist in the Earth's magnetosphere. It is very difficult to identify local measurements as belonging to a specific current system. Therefore, there are different definitions of supposedly the same current, leading to unnecessary controversy. This study presents a robust collection of these definitions of current systems in geospace, particularly in the near-Earth nightside magnetosphere, as viewed from a variety of observational and computational analysis techniques.