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13 Jun 2019
Regular paper |  | 13 Jun 2019

Characteristics of the layered polar mesosphere summer echoes occurrence ratio observed by EISCAT VHF 224 MHz radar

Shucan Ge, Hailong Li, Tong Xu, Mengyan Zhu, Maoyan Wang, Lin Meng, Safi Ullah, and Abdur Rauf

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Short summary
The paper investigates the occurrence of polar mesosphere summer echoes (PMSEs) over a solar cycle. Besides the statistical study of the layered PMSE occurrence ratio, the authors propose a method to deal with the discontinuous EISCAT radar measurements. The method makes it easier to establish a relationship between the layered PMSEs and solar and geomagnetic activities. The paper presents a relatively large data set that brings results. It can be recommended in future research on the PMSEs.