Articles | Volume 33, issue 6
Regular paper
03 Jun 2015
Regular paper |  | 03 Jun 2015

Is there any difference in local time variation in ionospheric F2-layer disturbances between earthquake-induced and Q-disturbance events?

T. Xu, Y. L. Hu, F. F. Wang, Z. Chen, and J. Wu

Abstract. Ionospheric anomalies before earthquakes have become the subject of one of the most intensive studies in the area of ionospheric variation. The ionosphere has a large class of disturbances under quiet geomagnetic conditions, i.e., quiet time disturbances (Q disturbances). Hence, the characteristics of seismo-ionospheric anomalies obtained by statistical analysis should be compared with those of Q-disturbance events. Using the data of foF2 (F2-layer critical frequency) during the whole interval of 1978–2008 (~3 solar cycles), the local time (LT) variation in Q disturbances is investigated. The results showed that a well-pronounced nighttime peak took place for positive disturbances induced by Q-disturbance events, while positive disturbances related to earthquakes predominately occurred in the daytime, especially in the afternoon LT sector. This remarkable difference in local time variation in foF2 between the earthquake-triggered and Q-disturbance events is of great significance for the identification of ionospheric precursors.