Articles | Volume 41, issue 1
Regular paper
11 Jan 2023
Regular paper |  | 11 Jan 2023

Drivers of rapid geomagnetic variations at high latitudes

Liisa Juusola, Ari Viljanen, Andrew P. Dimmock, Mirjam Kellinsalmi, Audrey Schillings, and James M. Weygand

Data sets

IMAGE data download + custom magnetograms IMAGE data

GIC recordings in the Finnish natural gas pipeline - ASCII files GIC recordings in the Finnish natural gas pipeline

Sudden Commencements (SC) Sudden Commencements (SC)

OMNI 1-min Data N. E. Papitashvili and J. H. King

Model code and software

ApexPy K. M. Laundal, C. van der Meeren, A. G. Burrell, G., Starr, A. Reimer, A. Morschhauser, and L. Lamarche

A Python package for wavelet analysis R. L. Gregory R. Gommers, F. Wasilewski, K. Wohlfahrt, and A. O'Leary

Short summary
We have examined events during which the measured magnetic field on the ground changes very rapidly, causing a risk to technological conductor networks. According to our results, such events occur when strong electric currents in the ionosphere at 100 km altitude are abruptly modified by sudden compression or expansion of the magnetospheric magnetic field farther in space.