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15 Mar 2022
Regular paper |  | 15 Mar 2022

Statistical study and corresponding evolution of plasmaspheric plumes under different levels of geomagnetic storms

Haimeng Li, Tongxing Fu, Rongxin Tang, Zhigang Yuan, Zhanrong Yang, Zhihai Ouyang, and Xiaohua Deng

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Width of plasmaspheric plumes related to the level of geomagnetic storm intensity
Zhanrong Yang, Haimeng Li, Zhigang Yuan, Zhihai Ouyang, and Xiaohua Deng
Ann. Geophys., 40, 673–685,,, 2022
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Attenuation of plasmaspheric hiss associated with the enhanced magnetospheric electric field
Haimeng Li, Wen Li, Qianli Ma, Yukitoshi Nishimura, Zhigang Yuan, Alex J. Boyd, Xiaochen Shen, Rongxin Tang, and Xiaohua Deng
Ann. Geophys., 39, 461–470,,, 2021
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Subject: Magnetosphere & space plasma physics | Keywords: Plasma waves and instabilities
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Martin Volwerk, David Mautner, Cyril Simon Wedlund, Charlotte Goetz, Ferdinand Plaschke, Tomas Karlsson, Daniel Schmid, Diana Rojas-Castillo, Owen W. Roberts, and Ali Varsani
Ann. Geophys., 39, 239–253,,, 2021
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Resolution dependence of magnetosheath waves in global hybrid-Vlasov simulations
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Ann. Geophys., 38, 1283–1298,,, 2020
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On the magnetic characteristics of magnetic holes in the solar wind between Mercury and Venus
Martin Volwerk, Charlotte Goetz, Ferdinand Plaschke, Tomas Karlsson, Daniel Heyner, and Brian Anderson
Ann. Geophys., 38, 51–60,,, 2020
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Excitation of chorus with small wave normal angles due to beam pulse amplifier (BPA) mechanism in density ducts
Peter A. Bespalov and Olga N. Savina
Ann. Geophys., 37, 819–824,,, 2019
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A statistical study of the spatial distribution and source-region size of chorus waves using Van Allen Probes data
Shangchun Teng, Xin Tao, Wen Li, Yi Qi, Xinliang Gao, Lei Dai, Quanming Lu, and Shui Wang
Ann. Geophys., 36, 867–878,,, 2018
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The plasmaspheric plume is an important region of detached plasma elements and provides an effective coupling channel of energy/mass between the inner magnetospheric plasmasphere and outer magnetosphere. In this study, using Van Allen Probe data, we present a statistical result of plasmaspheric plumes in the inner magnetosphere, which implies that the plumes tend to occur during the recovery phase of geomagnetic storms, and the occurrence rate is larger during stronger geomagnetic activity.