Articles | Volume 39, issue 2
Regular paper
06 Apr 2021
Regular paper |  | 06 Apr 2021

Ionospheric response to solar extreme ultraviolet radiation variations: comparison based on CTIPe model simulations and satellite measurements

Rajesh Vaishnav, Erik Schmölter, Christoph Jacobi, Jens Berdermann, and Mihail Codrescu
Short summary
We investigate the delayed ionospheric response using the observed and CTIPe-model-simulated TEC against the solar EUV flux. The ionospheric delay estimated using model-simulated TEC is in good agreement with the delay estimated for observed TEC. The study confirms the model's capabilities to reproduce the delayed ionospheric response against the solar EUV flux. Results also indicate that the average delay is higher in the Northern Hemisphere as compared to the Southern Hemisphere.