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21 Jun 2018
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New high-frequency (7–12 kHz) quasi-periodic VLF emissions observed on the ground at L  ∼  5.5

Jyrki Manninen, Natalia Kleimenova, Tauno Turunen, and Liudmila Gromova

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Strange VLF bursts in northern Scandinavia: case study of the afternoon "mushroom-like" hiss on 8 December 2013
J. Manninen, N. G. Kleimenova, A. Kozlovsky, I. A. Kornilov, L. I. Gromova, Y. V. Fedorenko, and T. Turunen
Ann. Geophys., 33, 991–995,,, 2015
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New results of structured VLF emissions observed simultaneously at two closely located stations near L ~ 5.5
J. Manninen, N. G. Kleimenova, Yu. V. Fedorenko, P. A. Bespalov, and T. Turunen
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1163–1167,,, 2014
New type of ensemble of quasi-periodic, long-lasting VLF emissions at the auroral zone
J. Manninen, N. G. Kleimenova, and O. V. Kozyreva
Ann. Geophys., 30, 1655–1660,,, 2012

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Haimeng Li, Wen Li, Qianli Ma, Yukitoshi Nishimura, Zhigang Yuan, Alex J. Boyd, Xiaochen Shen, Rongxin Tang, and Xiaohua Deng
Ann. Geophys., 39, 461–470,,, 2021
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BeiDa Imaging Electron Spectrometer observation of multi-period electron flux modulation caused by localized ultra-low-frequency waves
Xingran Chen, Qiugang Zong, Hong Zou, Xuzhi Zhou, Li Li, Yixin Hao, and Yongfu Wang
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On heating of solar wind protons by the parametric decay of large-amplitude Alfvén waves
Horia Comişel, Yasuhiro Nariyuki, Yasuhito Narita, and Uwe Motschmann
Ann. Geophys., 36, 1647–1655,,, 2018
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Short summary
We reveal previously unknown quasi-periodic (QP) VLF emissions at the unusually high-frequency band of ~ 7–11 kHz by applying the digital filtering of strong sferics to the ground-based VLF data recorded at Kannuslehto station (KAN). In one event, the spectral–temporal forms of the emissions looked like a series of giant bullets, with very abrupt cessation. In the second event, the modulation period was about 3 min under the absence of the simultaneous geomagnetic pulsations.