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19 Apr 2018
Regular paper |  | 19 Apr 2018

On application of asymmetric Kan-like exact equilibria to the Earth magnetotail modeling

Daniil B. Korovinskiy, Darya I. Kubyshkina, Vladimir S. Semenov, Marina V. Kubyshkina, Nikolai V. Erkaev, and Stefan A. Kiehas

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Remote estimation of reconnection parameters in the Earth's magnetotail: model and observations
A. Alexandrova, R. Nakamura, V. S. Semenov, I. V. Kubyshkin, S. Apatenkov, E. V. Panov, D. Korovinskiy, H. Biernat, W. Baumjohann, K.-H. Glassmeier, and J. P. McFadden
Ann. Geophys., 30, 1727–1741,,, 2012

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Subject: Magnetosphere & space plasma physics | Keywords: Magnetotail
Dynamics of variable dusk–dawn flow associated with magnetotail current sheet flapping
James H. Lane, Adrian Grocott, Nathan A. Case, and Maria-Theresia Walach
Ann. Geophys., 39, 1037–1053,,, 2021
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Venus's induced magnetosphere during active solar wind conditions at BepiColombo's Venus 1 flyby
Martin Volwerk, Beatriz Sánchez-Cano, Daniel Heyner, Sae Aizawa, Nicolas André, Ali Varsani, Johannes Mieth, Stefano Orsini, Wolfgang Baumjohann, David Fischer, Yoshifumi Futaana, Richard Harrison, Harald Jeszenszky, Iwai Kazumasa, Gunter Laky, Herbert Lichtenegger, Anna Milillo, Yoshizumi Miyoshi, Rumi Nakamura, Ferdinand Plaschke, Ingo Richter, Sebastián Rojas Mata, Yoshifumi Saito, Daniel Schmid, Daikou Shiota, and Cyril Simon Wedlund
Ann. Geophys., 39, 811–831,,, 2021
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Ion distribution functions in magnetotail reconnection: global hybrid-Vlasov simulation results
Andrei Runov, Maxime Grandin, Minna Palmroth, Markus Battarbee, Urs Ganse, Heli Hietala, Sanni Hoilijoki, Emilia Kilpua, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Sergio Toledo-Redondo, Lucile Turc, and Drew Turner
Ann. Geophys., 39, 599–612,,, 2021
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Roles of electrons and ions in formation of the current in mirror-mode structures in the terrestrial plasma sheet: Magnetospheric Multiscale observations
Guoqiang Wang, Tielong Zhang, Mingyu Wu, Daniel Schmid, Yufei Hao, and Martin Volwerk
Ann. Geophys., 38, 309–318,,, 2020
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Acceleration of protons and heavy ions to suprathermal energies during dipolarizations in the near-Earth magnetotail
Andrei Y. Malykhin, Elena E. Grigorenko, Elena A. Kronberg, Patrick W. Daly, and Ludmila V. Kozak
Ann. Geophys., 37, 549–559,,, 2019
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The Harris–Fadeev–Kan–Manankova family of exact two-dimensional equilibria is generalized to reproduce the slow decrease of the normal magnetic component in the tailward direction, and the magnetotail current sheet bending and shifting in the vertical plane, arising from the Earth dipole tilting and the solar wind nonradial propagation. The analytical solution is found to fit the empirical T96 model, especially, at distances beyond 10–15 Earth radii at high levels of magnetospheric activity.