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Regular paper
02 Jul 2015
Regular paper |  | 02 Jul 2015

Investigation of weather anomalies in the low-latitude islands of the Indian Ocean in 1991

A. Réchou and S. Kirkwood

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Case study of stratospheric gravity waves of convective origin over Arctic Scandinavia – VHF radar observations and numerical modelling
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Short summary
In December 1991, precipitation on the Glorieuses and Mayotte was more than 3 times the climatological mean and mean sunshine duration was less than 1.5h per day. The most likely explanation was low values of the Madden-Julian Oscillation index, which favours high rainfall. El Niño, eastward quasi-biennial oscillation and high solar activity may also have had an indirect effect. No effect of the Pinatubo volcanic eruption is indicated as the precipitation anomalies are only local.