Articles | Volume 31, issue 7
Regular paper
09 Jul 2013
Regular paper |  | 09 Jul 2013

On the electron temperature downstream of the solar wind termination shock

I. V. Chashei and H. J. Fahr

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Terrestrial exospheric dayside H-density profile at 3–15 RE from UVIS/HDAC and TWINS Lyman-α data combined
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Neutralized solar wind ahead of the Earth's magnetopause as contribution to non-thermal exospheric hydrogen
Hans J. Fahr, Uwe Nass, Robindro Dutta-Roy, and Jochen H. Zoennchen
Ann. Geophys., 36, 445–457,,, 2018
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Uncertainties in the heliosheath ion temperatures
Klaus Scherer, Hans Jörg Fahr, Horst Fichtner, Adama Sylla, John D. Richardson, and Marian Lazar
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The response of the H geocorona between 3 and 8 Re to geomagnetic disturbances studied using TWINS stereo Lyman-α data
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