Articles | Volume 40, issue 4
Regular paper
30 Aug 2022
Regular paper |  | 30 Aug 2022

The time derivative of the geomagnetic field has a short memory

Mirjam Kellinsalmi, Ari Viljanen, Liisa Juusola, and Sebastian Käki

Data sets

IMAGE-International Monitor for Auroral Geomagnetic Effects IMAGE

Model code and software

Contents - Apex Python library "1.1.0" documentation C. van der Meeren and A. G. Burrell

Short summary
Eruptions from the Sun can pose a hazard to Earth's power grids via, e.g., geomagnetically induced currents (GICs). We study magnetic measurements from Fennoscandia to find ways to understand and forecast GIC. We find that the direction of the time derivative of the magnetic field has a short reset time, about 2 min. We conclude that this result gives insight on the current systems high in Earth’s atmosphere, which are the main driver behind the time derivative’s behavior and GIC formation.