Articles | Volume 39, issue 4
Regular paper
06 Jul 2021
Regular paper |  | 06 Jul 2021

Reflection of low-frequency fast magnetosonic waves at the local two-ion cutoff frequency: observation in the plasmasphere

Geng Wang, Mingyu Wu, Guoqiang Wang, Sudong Xiao, Irina Zhelavskaya, Yuri Shprits, Yuanqiang Chen, Zhengyang Zou, Zhonglei Gao, Wen Yi, and Tielong Zhang

Data sets

The Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science (EMFISIS) on RBSP ( C. A. Kletzing et al.

The Electric Field and Waves Instruments on the Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission ( J. R. Wygant et al.

Radiation Belt Storm Probes Ion Composition Experiment (RBSPICE) ( D. G. Mitchell et al.

Helium, Oxygen, Proton, and Electron (HOPE) Mass Spectrometer for the Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission ( H. O. Funsten et al.

Modeling the dynamics of the inner magnetosphere during strong geomagnetic storms ( N. A. Tsyganenko and M. I. Sitnov

Short summary
We investigate the reflection of magnetosonic (MS) waves at the local two-ion cutoff frequency in the outer plasmasphere, which is rarely reported. The observed wave signals demonstrate the reflection at the local two-ion cutoff frequency. From simulations, the waves with small incident angles are more likely to penetrate the thin layer where the group velocity reduces significantly before reflection. These results may help to predict the global distribution of MS waves.