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15 Jun 2021
Regular paper |  | 15 Jun 2021

A comparison of contact charging and impact ionization in low-velocity impacts: implications for dust detection in space

Tarjei Antonsen, Ingrid Mann, Jakub Vaverka, Libor Nouzak, and Åshild Fredriksen

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Dust observations with antenna measurements and its prospects for observations with Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter
Ingrid Mann, Libor Nouzák, Jakub Vaverka, Tarjei Antonsen, Åshild Fredriksen, Karine Issautier, David Malaspina, Nicole Meyer-Vernet, Jiří Pavlů, Zoltan Sternovsky, Joan Stude, Shengyi Ye, and Arnaud Zaslavsky
Ann. Geophys., 37, 1121–1140,,, 2019
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Multi-scale measurements of mesospheric aerosols and electrons during the MAXIDUSTY campaign
Tarjei Antonsen, Ove Havnes, and Andres Spicher
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 12, 2139–2153,,, 2019
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A new method of inferring the size, number density, and charge of mesospheric dust from its in situ collection by the DUSTY probe
Ove Havnes, Tarjei Antonsen, Gerd Baumgarten, Thomas W. Hartquist, Alexander Biebricher, Åshild Fredriksen, Martin Friedrich, and Jonas Hedin
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 12, 1673–1683,,, 2019
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This paper discusses the charge generation for impacts of nano- to micro-scale dust on metal surfaces at speeds below a few kilometres per second. By introducing a model of capacitive coupling between the dust and the impact surface, we find that at such low speeds, the charge can be dominated by contact charging as opposed to plasma generation.