Articles | Volume 39, issue 2
Ann. Geophys., 39, 289–308, 2021
Ann. Geophys., 39, 289–308, 2021

Regular paper 12 Mar 2021

Regular paper | 12 Mar 2021

Magnetosheath jet evolution as a function of lifetime: global hybrid-Vlasov simulations compared to MMS observations

Minna Palmroth et al.

Data sets


Model code and software

Analysator: python analysis toolkit M. Battarbee and the Vlasiator team

Vlasiator M. Palmroth

Vlasiator: hybrid-Vlasov simulation code M. Palmroth and the Vlasiator team

VLSV: file format and tools A. Sandroos

Video supplement

Supplementary movie S1 Jonas Suni

Short summary
Magnetosheath jets are high-velocity features within the Earth's turbulent magnetosheath, separating the Earth's magnetic domain from the solar wind. The characteristics of the jets are difficult to assess statistically as a function of their lifetime because normally spacecraft observe them only at one position within the magnetosheath. This study first confirms the accuracy of the model used, Vlasiator, by comparing it to MMS spacecraft, and then carries out the first jet lifetime statistics.