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04 Mar 2021
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Characteristics of fragmented aurora-like emissions (FAEs) observed on Svalbard

Joshua Dreyer, Noora Partamies, Daniel Whiter, Pål G. Ellingsen, Lisa Baddeley, and Stephan C. Buchert

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Auroral Structure and Kinetics video observations from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, 2015/12/07, 18:23UT Daniel Whiter

Short summary
Small-scale auroral features are still being discovered and are not well understood. Where aurorae are caused by particle precipitation, the newly reported fragmented aurora-like emissions (FAEs) seem to be locally generated in the ionosphere (hence, aurora-like). We analyse data from multiple instruments located near Longyearbyen to derive their main characteristics. They seem to occur as two types in a narrow altitude region (individually or in regularly spaced groups).