Articles | Volume 38, issue 2
Ann. Geophys., 38, 395–420, 2020
Ann. Geophys., 38, 395–420, 2020

Regular paper 26 Mar 2020

Regular paper | 26 Mar 2020

Statistical analysis of the long-range transport of the 2015 Calbuco volcanic plume from ground-based and space-borne observations

Nelson Bègue et al.

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Transport of the 2017 Canadian wildfire plume to the tropics via the Asian monsoon circulation
Corinna Kloss, Gwenaël Berthet, Pasquale Sellitto, Felix Ploeger, Silvia Bucci, Sergey Khaykin, Fabrice Jégou, Ghassan Taha, Larry W. Thomason, Brice Barret, Eric Le Flochmoen, Marc von Hobe, Adriana Bossolasco, Nelson Bègue, and Bernard Legras
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 13547–13567,,, 2019
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Analysis of a southern sub-polar short-term ozone variation event using a millimetre-wave radiometer
Pablo Facundo Orte, Elian Wolfram, Jacobo Salvador, Akira Mizuno, Nelson Bègue, Hassan Bencherif, Juan Lucas Bali, Raúl D'Elia, Andrea Pazmiño, Sophie Godin-Beekmann, Hirofumi Ohyama, and Jonathan Quiroga
Ann. Geophys., 37, 613–629,,, 2019
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Spring and summer time ozone and solar ultraviolet radiation variations over Cape Point, South Africa
David J. du Preez, Jelena V. Ajtić, Hassan Bencherif, Nelson Bègue, Jean-Maurice Cadet, and Caradee Y. Wright
Ann. Geophys., 37, 129–141,,, 2019
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Variability and trend in ozone over the southern tropics and subtropics
Abdoulwahab Mohamed Toihir, Thierry Portafaix, Venkataraman Sivakumar, Hassan Bencherif, Andréa Pazmiño, and Nelson Bègue
Ann. Geophys., 36, 381–404,,, 2018
Long-range transport of stratospheric aerosols in the Southern Hemisphere following the 2015 Calbuco eruption
Nelson Bègue, Damien Vignelles, Gwenaël Berthet, Thierry Portafaix, Guillaume Payen, Fabrice Jégou, Hassan Benchérif, Julien Jumelet, Jean-Paul Vernier, Thibaut Lurton, Jean-Baptiste Renard, Lieven Clarisse, Vincent Duverger, Françoise Posny, Jean-Marc Metzger, and Sophie Godin-Beekmann
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17, 15019–15036,,, 2017
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Subject: Terrestrial atmosphere and its relation to the sun | Keywords: Aerosols and particles
Measurements of aerosols and charged particles on the BEXUS18 stratospheric balloon
Erika Brattich, Encarnación Serrano Castillo, Fabrizio Giulietti, Jean-Baptiste Renard, Sachi N. Tripathi, Kunal Ghosh, Gwenael Berthet, Damien Vignelles, and Laura Tositti
Ann. Geophys., 37, 389–403,,, 2019
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This study investigates the influence of the 2015 Calbuco eruption (41.2°S, 72.4°W; Chile) on the total columnar aerosol optical properties in the Southern Hemisphere. The well-known technique of sun photometry was applied to the investigation of the transport and the spatio-temporal evolution of the optical properties of the volcanic plume. The CIMEL sun photometer measurements performed over six South American and three African sites were statistically analyzed.