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29 Jan 2019
Regular paper |  | 29 Jan 2019

Comparative analysis of MODIS, MISR, and AERONET climatology over the Middle East and North Africa

Ashraf Farahat

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Analysis of aerosol absorption properties and transport over North Africa and the Middle East using AERONET data
Ashraf Farahat, Hesham El-Askary, Peter Adetokunbo, and Abu-Tharr Fuad
Ann. Geophys., 34, 1031–1044,,, 2016
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Data from two instruments (MODIS and MISR) on board the Terra satellite were compared with seven AERONET ground-based stations located in the Middle East and North Africa. The goal was to test which space-borne instrument can better represent ground data over different geographic locations. Comparing satellites’ retrievals with corresponding AERONET measurements shows that space-borne data retrieval accuracy can be affected by landscape and topology.