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Regular paper
29 Jan 2018
Regular paper |  | 29 Jan 2018

Long-term trends in stratospheric ozone, temperature, and water vapor over the Indian region

Sivan Thankamani Akhil Raj, Madineni Venkat Ratnam, Daggumati Narayana Rao, and Boddam Venkata Krishna Murthy

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Balloon-borne aerosol–cloud interaction studies (BACIS): field campaigns to understand and quantify aerosol effects on clouds
Varaha Ravi Kiran, Madineni Venkat Ratnam, Masatomo Fujiwara, Herman Russchenberg, Frank G. Wienhold, Bomidi Lakshmi Madhavan, Mekalathur Roja Raman, Renju Nandan, Sivan Thankamani Akhil Raj, Alladi Hemanth Kumar, and Saginela Ravindra Babu
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 4709–4734,,, 2022
Short summary
Short summary
Ozone and water vapor are two potent greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They influence the temperature structure greatly, particularly in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere. We have investigated the long-term trends in these trace gases over the Indian region using long-term data (1993–2015) constructed from multi-satellite observations. A decreasing trend in ozone associated with NOx chemistry in the tropical middle stratosphere and a good correlation between N2O and O3 is found.