Articles | Volume 36, issue 5
Regular paper
26 Oct 2018
Regular paper |  | 26 Oct 2018

Variations of the 630.0 nm airglow emission with meridional neutral wind and neutral temperature around midnight

Chih-Yu Chiang, Sunny Wing-Yee Tam, and Tzu-Fang Chang

Model code and software

Sami2 is Another Model of the Ionosphere (SAMI2): A new low-latitude ionosphere model J. D. Huba, G. Joyce, and J. A. Fedder

Short summary
Based on our simulation results, both temperature change and meridional neutral wind could cause the 630.0 nm nightglow intensity to vary, while the latter is more effective. An unexpected aspect of the results is the non-monotonic dependence of the emission rate on temperature, featuring a turning point as the temperature changes. Our findings of these turning temperature tendencies can guide future modeling attempts to match the observed nightglow brightness intensities.