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Regular paper
06 Sep 2018
Regular paper |  | 06 Sep 2018

Evaluation of the NeQuick model performance under different geomagnetic conditions over South Africa during the ascending phase of the solar cycle (2009–2012)

Sylvain M. Ahoua, John Bosco Habarulema, Olivier K. Obrou, Pierre J. Cilliers, and Zacharie K. Zaka

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Short summary
Short summary
Many studies carried out for model validation are realised under geomagnetically quiet conditions. For climatological models this is not an issue. But for models like NeQuick, which plays a crucial role in daily human activities, it has to be evaluated under different conditions. Our study, which is probably a preliminary study, shows the advantage of the ingestion of ionospheric data. Thus, through this technique, a model could be assessed regardless of the geomagnetic activity.