Articles | Volume 35, issue 3
Regular paper
16 Mar 2017
Regular paper |  | 16 Mar 2017

Rocket in situ observation of equatorial plasma irregularities in the region between E and F layers over Brazil

Siomel Savio Odriozola, Francisco Carlos de Meneses Jr., Polinaya Muralikrishna, Alexandre Alvares Pimenta, and Esfhan Alam Kherani
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Short summary
In this paper we report several ionospheric plasma irregularities detected by an instrument (Langmuir probe) installed as a rocket payload that flew over the equatorial region of Brazil. The results of our measurements were compared with measurements made on a different date and by another instrument (radar) located under the magnetic equator in Peru. Our comparison suggests that the rocket intercepted the same type of irregularity previously detected in Peru.