Articles | Volume 35, issue 2
ANGEO Communicates
02 Feb 2017
ANGEO Communicates |  | 02 Feb 2017

Large-scale gravity wave perturbations in the mesopause region above Northern Hemisphere midlatitudes during autumnal equinox: a joint study by the USU Na lidar and Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model

Xuguang Cai, Tao Yuan, and Han-Li Liu

Data sets

Lidar data CRRL Madrigal database

Short summary
Atmospheric gravity waves play highly important roles in the dynamic and chemical processes in the upper atmosphere. To assess their magnitude, continuous full diurnal cycle measurements of temperature perturbations are necessary. In this paper we have calculated the large-scale gravity wave modulations between 85 and 99 km altitude based on the measurements by a unique Na lidar at Utah State University in the month of September from 2011 to 2015. The waves with period of 3–5 h dominate.