Articles | Volume 35, issue 5
Regular paper
09 Oct 2017
Regular paper |  | 09 Oct 2017

Statistical analysis of severe magnetic fluctuations in the near-Earth plasma sheet observed by THEMIS-E

Heqiucen Xu, Kazuo Shiokawa, and Dennis Frühauff

Data sets

The Tsyganenko magnetospheric magnetic field model N. A. Tsyganenko

The OMNI data NASA

SPEDAS/TDAS WDC for Geomagnetism


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Short summary
In this study, we statistically analyzed severe magnetic fluctuations in the nightside near-Earth plasma sheet. For the first time, we showed the occurrence rates of these fluctuations. The superposed epoch analysis also indicated that the flow speed increases before the severe magnetic fluctuations. We also discussed how both the inside-out and outside-in substorm models can be used to explain these observed results.