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Regular paper
21 Jan 2016
Regular paper |  | 21 Jan 2016

The effects of the big storm events in the first half of 2015 on the radiation belts observed by EPT/PROBA-V

V. Pierrard and G. Lopez Rosson

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Comparison of radiation belt electron fluxes simultaneously measured with PROBA-V/EPT and RBSP/MagEIS instruments
Alexandre Winant, Viviane Pierrard, and Edith Botek
Ann. Geophys., 41, 313–325,,, 2023
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G. Verbanac, V. Pierrard, M. Bandić, F. Darrouzet, J.-L. Rauch, and P. Décréau
Ann. Geophys., 33, 1271–1283,,, 2015
Short summary
Short summary
With the Energetic Particle Telescope (EPT) on board the ESA satellite PROBA-V, we analyze the high-resolution flux measurements of the charged particle radiation environment at 820 km of altitude for the year 2015. On 17 March 2015, a big geomagnetic storm event injected unusual electron fluxes up to low radial distances in the radiation belts. Two other major events appeared in January and June 2015, again with injections of electrons in the inner belt, contrary to what was observed in 2013.