Articles | Volume 34, issue 7
Regular paper
20 Jul 2016
Regular paper |  | 20 Jul 2016

Multi-year GNSS monitoring of atmospheric IWV over Central and South America for climate studies

Clara Eugenia Bianchi, Luciano Pedro Oscar Mendoza, Laura Isabel Fernández, María Paula Natali, Amalia Margarita Meza, and Juan Francisco Moirano

Data sets

Time series of atmospheric water vapour and troposphere zenith total delay, over Central and South America, from a homogeneous GNSS reprocessing (MAGGIA ZTD & IWV Solution 1) C. Bianchi, L. P. O. Mendoza, L. Fernández, M. P. Natali, A. Meza, and J. Moirano

VMF1 Mapping Function J. Böhm, B. Werl, and H. Schuh

GPT2w model J. Böhm, G. Möller, M. Schindelegger, G. Pain, and R. Weber

CODE final product series for the IGS R. Dach, S. Schaer, D. Arnold, E. Orliac, L. Prange, A. Susnik, A. Villiger, and A. Jaeggi

ERA-Interim Pressure Levels D. P. Dee, S. M. Uppala, A. J. Simmons, P. Berrisford, P. Poli, S. Kobayashi, U. Andrae, M. A. Balmaseda, G. Balsamo, P. Bauer, P. Bechtold, A. C. M. Beljaars, L. van de Berg, J. Bidlot, N. Bormann, C. Delsol, R. Dragani, M. Fuentes, A. J. Geer, L. Haimberger, S. B. Healy, H. Hersbach, E. V. Hólm, L. Isaksen, P. Kållberg, M. Köhler, M. Matricardi, A. P. McNally, B. M. Monge-Sanz, J.-J. Morcrette, B.-K. Park, C. Peubey, P. de Rosnay, C. Tavolato, J.-N. Thépaut, and F. Vitart

IGS Tracking Data J. M. Dow, R. E. Neilan, and C. Rizos

NOAA Integrated Surface Database A. Smith, N. Lott, and R. Vose

EGM2008 N. K. Pavlis, S. A. Holmes, S. C. Kenyon, and J. K. Factor

RAMSAC Tracking Data Instituto Geográfico Nacional

RBMC Tracking Data Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

IGS repro2 Solutions P. Rebischung

SONEL GNSS Tracking Data Systéme d'Observation du Niveau des Eaux Littorales

Surface Observations data set University of Wyoming

Upper Air data set University of Wyoming

Short summary
Long-term monitoring of the amount of water vapour in the lower atmosphere is essential for climate studies. We analysed satellite observations, at hundreds of locations in Central and South America, to look for changes in this parameter over several years. We found evidence of drying of the troposphere in temperate regions, and also evidence of slow moistening over the tropics. Moreover, we openly provide the complete data collection to the scientific community.