Articles | Volume 34, issue 12
Regular paper
06 Dec 2016
Regular paper |  | 06 Dec 2016

Spectral analysis of auroral geomagnetic activity during various solar cycles between 1960 and 2014

Pieter Benjamin Kotzé

Data sets

Geomagnetic Auroral Electrojet Index World Data Center C2 for Geomagnetism

Short summary
We use wavelets and Lomb–Scargle spectral analysis techniques to investigate the changing pattern of the different harmonics of the 27-day solar rotation period of the AE index during various phases of different solar cycles between 1960 and 2014. Results show that, particularly during the solar minimum of 23–24 in 2008, the 27-day period is no longer detectable above the 95 % CI, while auroral geomagnetic activity is now dominated by the second (13.5-day) and third (9.0-day) harmonics.