Articles | Volume 29, issue 6
25 Jun 2011
 | 25 Jun 2011

Comment on "The PC index: review of methods", by McCreadie and Menvielle (2010)

P. Stauning

Abstract. The Polar Cap (PC) index is a controversial topic within the IAGA scientific community. Since 1997 discussions of the validity of the index to be endorsed as an official IAGA index have ensued. The article: "The PC index: review of methods", written by two members of the IAGA PC index committee, H. McCreadie and M. Menvielle, holds a critical review of some aspects of the methods used to derive PC index values. However, a number of incorrect statements and factual errors have been found and shall be called attention to and discussed in this commentary. Further critical comments concern the Corrigendum issued by the same authors and published in Ann. Geophys., 29, 813–814, 2011.