Articles | Volume 27, issue 9
30 Sep 2009
 | 30 Sep 2009

On acceleration of <1 MeV/n He ions in the corotating compression regions near 1 AU: STEREO observations

R. Bučík, U. Mall, A. Korth, and G. M. Mason

Abstract. Observations of multi-MeV corotating interaction region (CIR) ions are in general consistent with models of CIR shock acceleration and transport. The presence of suprathermal particles near 1 AU in unshocked compression regions is not adequately explained. Nonetheless, more recent works demonstrate that unshocked compression regions associated with CIRs near 1 AU could energize particles. In the energy range from ~0.1 to ~1 MeV/n we investigate CIR events observed in 2007–2008 by the STEREO A and B spacecraft. We treat the predictions of compression acceleration by comparing the observed ion intensities with the model parameters. These observations show that the ion intensity in CIR events with in-situ reverse shock is well organized by the parameters which characterize the compression region itself, like compression width, solar wind speed gradients and the total pressure. In turn, for CIR events with the absence of the shocks the model predictions are not fulfilled.