Articles | Volume 19, issue 8
Special issue:
31 Aug 2001
 | 31 Aug 2001

Mesospheric turbulent velocity estimation using the Buckland Park MF radar

D. A. Holdsworth, R. A. Vincent, and I. M. Reid

Abstract. This paper investigates turbulent velocity estimation using the full correlation analysis (FCA) of spaced antenna (SA) data, and its application to the routine FCA observations of the Buckland Park MF (BPMF) radar. The effects of transmitter beamwidths are investigated, confirming the suggestions of previous authors that wide transmit beam widths lead to an overestimation of the turbulent velocity. The annual variation of the turbulent velocity is investigated, revealing an increase in turbulent velocity with height, and equinoctal minima and solstice maxima observed below 80 km. Investigations of the turbulent velocities about the March diurnal tide maximum reveals a diurnal variation in phase with the zonal velocity. Harmonic analysis reveals this relationship exists between February and September. Descending power layers are also observed during this period. A number of mechanisms are proposed to describe these observations.

Key words. Meteorology and atmospheric dynamics (middle atmosphere dynamics; instruments and techniques) – Radio science (instruments and techniques)

Special issue