Wind Measurements
Wind Measurements

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30 Sep 1997
Special Topic
Second Workshop on Wind Measurements in the Middle Atmosphere 13−16 May 1996
G. G. Shepherd and F. Vial
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1087–1088,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
Intercalibration of HRDI and WINDII wind measurements
M. D. Burrage, W. R. Skinner, and P. B. Hays
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1089–1098,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
Comparisons between Canadian prairie MF radars, FPI (green and OH lines) and UARS HRDI systems
C. E. Meek, A. H. Manson, M. D. Burrage, G. Garbe, and L. L. Cogger
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1099–1110,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
Strengths and limitations of MST radar measurements of middle-atmosphere winds
W. K. Hocking
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1111–1122,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
An intercomparison between the GSWM, UARS, and ground based radar observations: a case-study in January 1993
S. E. Palo, M. E. Hagan, C. E. Meek, R. A. Vincent, M. D. Burrage, C. McLandress, S. J. Franke, W. E. Ward, R. R. Clark, P. Hoffmann, R. Johnson, D. Kürschner, A. H. Manson, D. Murphy, T. Nakamura, Y. I. Portnyagin, J. E. Salah, R. Schminder, W. Singer, T. Tsuda, T. S. Virdi, and Q. Zhou
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1123–1141,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
Validation of HRDI MLT winds with meteor radars
F. Hasebe, T. Tsuda, T. Nakamura, and M. D. Burrage
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1142–1157,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
Zonal mean and tidal dynamics from space: an empirical examination of aliasing and sampling
J. M. Forbes, M. Kilpatrick, D. Fritts, A. H. Manson, and R. A. Vincent
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1158–1164,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
Upper atmosphere tidal oscillations due to latent heat release in the tropical troposphere
J. M. Forbes, M. E. Hagan, X. Zhang, and K. Hamilton
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1165–1175,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
Diurnal tidal variability in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere
M. E. Hagan, C. McLandress, and J. M. Forbes
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1176–1186,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
SMLTM simulations of the diurnal tide: comparison with UARS observations
R. A. Akmaev, V. A. Yudin, and D. A. Ortland
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1187–1197,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
Modeling the diurnal tide with dissipation derived from UARS/HRDI measurements
M. A. Geller, V. A. Yudin, B. V. Khattatov, and M. E. Hagan
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1198–1204,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
Thermal tides and studies to tune the mechanistic tidal model using UARS observations
V. A. Yudin, B. V. Khattatov, M. A. Geller, D. A. Ortland, C. McLandress, and G. G. Shepherd
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1205–1220,,, 1997
30 Sep 1997
Mean vertical wind in the mesosphere-lower thermosphere region (80–120 km) deduced from the WINDII observations on board UARS
V. Fauliot, G. Thuillier, and F. Vial
Ann. Geophys., 15, 1221–1231,,, 1997
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