Articles | Volume 40, issue 1
Regular paper
31 Jan 2022
Regular paper |  | 31 Jan 2022

Snow cover variability and trend over the Hindu Kush Himalayan region using MODIS and SRTM data

Nirasindhu Desinayak, Anup K. Prasad, Hesham El-Askary, Menas Kafatos, and Ghassem R. Asrar

Data sets

GPD Viewer National Snow & Ice Data Center

MODIS/Terra Snow Cover Monthly L3 Global 0.05Deg CMG, Version 6 D. K. Hall and G. A. Riggs

Hole-filled SRTM for the globe Version 4 A. Jarvis, H. I. Reuter, A. Nelson, and E. Guevara

Short summary
The study presents long-term altitudinal changes and variability (spatial and temporal; during 2000–2017) in the coverage of snow and glaciers in one of the world’s largest mountainous regions, i.e., the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region. The western zone and high-altitude regions (above 6000 m) show no significant decline in snow cover, whereas the lower-altitude regions (< 6000 m) show a variable but statistically significant decline in snow cover in the central and eastern zones (5 %–15 %).