Articles | Volume 40, issue 1
Regular paper
21 Feb 2022
Regular paper |  | 21 Feb 2022

Spatio-temporal development of large-scale auroral electrojet currents relative to substorm onsets

Sebastian Käki, Ari Viljanen, Liisa Juusola, and Kirsti Kauristie

Data sets

Swarm-AEBS Description of the Processing Algorithm ( G. Kervalishvili, J. Rauberg, K. Kauristie, A. Viljanen, and L. Juusola

Evaluation of SuperMAG auroral electrojet indices as indicators of substorms and auroral power ( P. Newell and J. Gjerloev

Short summary
During auroral substorms, the ionospheric electric currents change rapidly, and a large amount of energy is dissipated. We combine ionospheric current data derived from the Swarm satellite mission with the substorm database from the SuperMAG ground magnetometer network. We obtain statistics of the strength and location of the currents relative to the substorm onset. Our results show that low-earth orbit satellites give a coherent picture of the main features in the substorm current system.