Articles | Volume 39, issue 3
Regular paper
28 May 2021
Regular paper |  | 28 May 2021

Contribution of meteor flux in the occurrence of sporadic-E (Es) layers over the Arabian Peninsula

Muhammad Mubasshir Shaikh, Govardan Gopakumar, Aisha Abdulla Al-owais, Maryam Essa Sharif, and Ilias Fernini

Data sets

Es and Meteor Counts near Arabian Peninsula SWI Lab

Short summary
We report observations of sporadic-E (Es) layers and visual meteor count data simultaneously observed during night-time over the Arabian Peninsula. A constant and well-established presence of Es has been reported with a consistent count of meteors also present throughout the 1-year observation period. Data show that the Es observations are not dependent on the presence of meteor flux; i.e., the presence of meteors is not the main cause of the presence of Es over the Arabian Peninsula.