Articles | Volume 38, issue 4
Regular paper
07 Jul 2020
Regular paper |  | 07 Jul 2020

BeiDa Imaging Electron Spectrometer observation of multi-period electron flux modulation caused by localized ultra-low-frequency waves

Xingran Chen, Qiugang Zong, Hong Zou, Xuzhi Zhou, Li Li, Yixin Hao, and Yongfu Wang

Data sets

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System BDS

Short summary
We present a new in situ observation of energetic electrons in space obtained by a newly available particle detector. In view of the characteristic signatures in the particle flux, we attribute the observational features to the drift-resonance wave–particle interaction between energetic electrons and multiple localized ultra-low-frequency waves. The scenario is substantiated by a numerical calculation based on the revised drift-resonance theory which reproduced the observed particle signatures.