Articles | Volume 36, issue 2
Ann. Geophys., 36, 497–507, 2018

Special issue: Space weather connections to near-Earth space and the...

Ann. Geophys., 36, 497–507, 2018

Regular paper 23 Mar 2018

Regular paper | 23 Mar 2018

Non-Gaussianity and cross-scale coupling in interplanetary magnetic field turbulence during a rope–rope magnetic reconnection event

Rodrigo A. Miranda et al.

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Cluster Science Archive ESA

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Numerical tools for statistical analysis R. A. Miranda

Short summary
The solar wind is a tenuous turbulent plasma permeating the interplanetary space and is not well understood. A complex process called magnetic reconnection can act as a source of solar wind turbulence. Here we study this process using statistics. We demonstrate that high-order statistics of the magnetic field display a parabolic relation that is enhanced when magnetic reconnection occurs. Our results can help us understand the nature of solar wind turbulence.