Articles | Volume 36, issue 2
Regular paper
22 Mar 2018
Regular paper |  | 22 Mar 2018

Simultaneous 6300 Å airglow and radar observations of ionospheric irregularities and dynamics at the geomagnetic equator

Dustin A. Hickey, Carlos R. Martinis, Michael Mendillo, Jeffrey Baumgardner, Joei Wroten, and Marco Milla

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Simultaneous ground-based and in situ Swarm observations of equatorial F-region irregularities over Jicamarca
Sharon Aol, Stephan Buchert, Edward Jurua, and Marco Milla
Ann. Geophys., 38, 1063–1080,,, 2020
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The early history of the Jicamarca Radio Observatory and the incoherent scatter technique
Ronald F. Woodman, Donald T. Farley, Ben B. Balsley, and Marco A. Milla
Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 10, 245–266,,, 2019
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Simultaneous observations of structure function parameter of refractive index using a high-resolution radar and the DataHawk small airborne measurement system
Danny E. Scipión, Dale A. Lawrence, Marco A. Milla, Ronald F. Woodman, Diego A. Lume, and Ben B. Balsley
Ann. Geophys., 34, 767–780,,, 2016
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Equatorial 150 km echoes and daytime F region vertical plasma drifts in the Brazilian longitude sector
F. S. Rodrigues, E. B. Shume, E. R. de Paula, and M. Milla
Ann. Geophys., 31, 1867–1876,,, 2013
Short summary
We present observations of the Earth's upper atmosphere (ionosphere and thermosphere) near the Equator. Instruments such as cameras and radar systems are used to measure the characteristics of the this region and compare the different observations. One focus of the paper is on structured regions of low density and we find patterns in its development along with other new observations. We also show results of a local increase in temperature near midnight and investigate its extent and evolution.