Articles | Volume 36, issue 1
Regular paper
27 Feb 2018
Regular paper |  | 27 Feb 2018

Mesospheric front observations by the OH airglow imager carried out at Ferraz Station on King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula, in 2011

Gabriel Augusto Giongo, José Valentin Bageston, Paulo Prado Batista, Cristiano Max Wrasse, Gabriela Dornelles Bittencourt, Igo Paulino, Neusa Maria Paes Leme, David C. Fritts, Diego Janches, Wayne Hocking, and Nelson Jorge Schuch

Data sets

Satellite images Database CPTEC/INPE

Short summary
This work presents four events of mesosphere fronts observed on King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula, in the year 2011. The atmospheric background environment was analyzed to investigate the propagation conditions for all cases. To investigate the sources for such cases, satellite images were used. In two cases, we found that strong tropospheric instabilities were potential sources, and in the other two cases, it was not possible to associate them with tropospheric sources.