Articles | Volume 36, issue 6
Regular paper
23 Nov 2018
Regular paper |  | 23 Nov 2018

On the variability of the semidiurnal solar and lunar tides of the equatorial electrojet during sudden stratospheric warmings

Tarique A. Siddiqui, Astrid Maute, Nick Pedatella, Yosuke Yamazaki, Hermann Lühr, and Claudia Stolle

Data sets

Operations of the World Data Centre for Geomagnetism S. J. Reay, E. Clarke, E. Dawson, and S. Macmillan

Solar wind spatial scales in and comparisons of hourly Wind and ACE plasma and magnetic field data J. H. King and N. E. Papitashvili

Short summary
Extreme meteorological events such as SSWs induce variabilities in the ionosphere by modulating the atmospheric tides, and these variabilities can be comparable to a moderate geomagnetic storm. The equatorial electrojet (EEJ) is a narrow ribbon of current flowing over the dip equator in the ionosphere and is particularly sensitive to tidal changes. In this study, we use ground-magnetic measurements to investigate the semidiurnal solar and lunar tidal variabilities of the EEJ during SSWs.