Articles | Volume 36, issue 5
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17 Oct 2018
Regular paper |  | 17 Oct 2018

Characteristics of the electrojet during intense magnetic disturbances

Liudmila I. Gromova, Matthias Förster, Yakov I. Feldstein, and Patricia Ritter

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Jyrki Manninen, Natalia Kleimenova, Tauno Turunen, and Liudmila Gromova
Ann. Geophys., 36, 915–923,,, 2018
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Hall current variations in different time sectors during six magnetic storms of the summer seasons in 2003 and 2005 are examined. The sequence of the phenomena, their structure, positions and the strength of the polar and the auroral Hall electrojets were investigated using scalar magnetic field measurements obtained from the CHAMP satellite. We analyzed the correlations and the regression relations of the electrojets with auroral and ring current activity, the IMF, and solar wind parameters.