Articles | Volume 35, issue 4
Regular paper
26 Jul 2017
Regular paper |  | 26 Jul 2017

Quantification of the total ion transport in the near-Earth plasma sheet

Rikard Slapak, Maria Hamrin, Timo Pitkänen, Masatoshi Yamauchi, Hans Nilsson, Tomas Karlsson, and Audrey Schillings

Data sets

Cluster data ESA

Short summary
The ion total transports in the near-Earth plasma sheet have been investigated and quantified. Specifically, the net O+ transport is about 1024 s−1 in the earthward direction, which is 1 order of magnitude smaller than the typical O+ ionospheric outflows, strongly indicating that most outflow will eventually escape, leading to significant atmospheric loss. The study also shows that low-velocity flows (< 100 km s−1) dominate the mass transport in the near-Earth plasma sheet.