Articles | Volume 35, issue 3
Ann. Geophys., 35, 475–479, 2017
Ann. Geophys., 35, 475–479, 2017

ANGEO Communicates 22 Mar 2017

ANGEO Communicates | 22 Mar 2017

Relation of anomalous F region radar echoes in the high-latitude ionosphere to auroral precipitation

Hanna Dahlgren et al.

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Plasma line observations from the EISCAT Svalbard Radar during the International Polar Year
Nickolay Ivchenko, Nicola M. Schlatter, Hanna Dahlgren, Yasunobu Ogawa, Yuka Sato, and Ingemar Häggström
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1143–1149,,, 2017
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Variations in energy, flux, and brightness of pulsating aurora measured at high time resolution
Hanna Dahlgren, Betty S. Lanchester, Nickolay Ivchenko, and Daniel K. Whiter
Ann. Geophys., 35, 493–503,,, 2017
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Auroral ion acoustic wave enhancement observed with a radar interferometer system
N. M. Schlatter, V. Belyey, B. Gustavsson, N. Ivchenko, D. Whiter, H. Dahlgren, S. Tuttle, and T. Grydeland
Ann. Geophys., 33, 837–844,,, 2015
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Short summary
Anomalous strong echoes with three frequency peaks are occasionally seen with incoherent scatter radars in the ionosphere near 200 km altitude at high latitudes. We investigate how they relate to electron precipitation, by finding the resulting peak electron density and the height of the peak, respectively. We find that occurrence rate increases with density and decreases with height, indicating a correlation between the echoes and precipitating electrons with high energy and energy flux.