Articles | Volume 34, issue 9
Regular paper
16 Sep 2016
Regular paper |  | 16 Sep 2016

Simultaneous observations of structure function parameter of refractive index using a high-resolution radar and the DataHawk small airborne measurement system

Danny E. Scipión, Dale A. Lawrence, Marco A. Milla, Ronald F. Woodman, Diego A. Lume, and Ben B. Balsley

Data sets

DataHawk and SOUSY measurements D. E. Scipión, D. A. Lawrence, R. F. Woodman, D. A. Lume, M. A. Milla, and B. B. Balsley

Short summary
The paper presents simultaneous observations made with a radar (SOUSY) and an unmanned aerial system (DataHawk) with the propose of studying the lower troposphere with high resolution. Through the comparison of both measurements, it was possible to compute the radar calibration constant, which will help to obtain calibrated measurements of turbulent parameters of the atmosphere.